Lineweaver-Burk Plot of Competitive Inhibition

Shown on the next page is a plot of the reciprocal of enzymatic reaction velocity (1/v) versus the reciprocal of substrate concentration (1/[S]). This Lineweaver-Burk plot will portray the graphical consequences of competitive inhibition.

This plot is interactive, and the initial values of Km and Vmax are shown in the box below the plot. The units for these parameters are also indicated.

When you click the "Plot [I]=" button, a second curve will be drawn. This curve is generated using the first of the inhibitor concentrations indicated in the box below the plot. Clicking on the same button again will generate the curve corresponding to the second inhibitor concentration. Click again and the curve corresponding to the third inhibitor concentration will be displayed.

To see how the plot changes when Km, Ki and [I] are varied, enter your choice of values in the input boxes and click on "Plot Your Values" again. You may enter as many combinations of the three parameters as you like, but note that your values must lie within a factor of ten of the initial values.

To begin the exercise again from the beginning, click on "Reset".